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Privacy Statement V.O.F. Akomo Kids
Sensitive data with regards to privacy are processed through the website These are the personal details of our customers. We find a careful handling of personal details highly important. Our employees and third parties involved with our work are obliged to respect the confidentiality of these data. Any adjustments and/or changes of the website can lead to alterations in this privacy statement.
While processing we meet the requirements stated in the Dutch law on protection of personal details. That means that we, for example:
• clearly mention for which purposes we process personal details. We do that through this privacy statement;
• try to limit our collection of personal details to just the details necessary for the stated purposes;
• first ask for your express approval to process your personal details in cases where your permission is required;
• take appropriate security measures to protect your personal details and also demand the same from parties that process any personal details for us;
• respect your right of access, correction and removal of your personal details upon your request.
In this privacy statement we explain you exactly which personal details we gather and use and for what purpose. We recommend you to read this statement carefully.
This privacy statement was last amended on February 11, 2019.

Use of personal details
When using our website you leave certain details behind. These can be personal details. Personal details are gathered by us on various ways. You can for example order items at our website, in which we ask you to give us some personal details to complete your transaction.
Apart from that, you can create an account on our website to make future orders easier. Personal details are also retrieved when viewing our website from several devices, like smartphones, tablets or computers.
It is also possible that you are approaching us with questions and/or complaints by post, email or telephone. We will contact you in that case to process your question or complaint. Finally, it is also possible that we retrieve personal data through contests and other actions in which you have participated.
We can also collect data from social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram), for example when you contact us to ask questions. In that case we only use your account name so we can respond to your messages.

When you are using our website, we can acquire the following data from you (co-dependent on the data you fill in yourself when placing an order, if you participate in contests or by creating an account on our website):
• Name and surname;
• (Billing) Address;
• Telephone number;
• Email address;
• Technical details of the device you are using (e.g. smartphone, laptop, tablet), like your IP address, MAC address and the software you use;
• Your browsing history on our website, amongst others the mouse and clicking behaviour, and the length and time of your visit on our website;
• Payment details;
• Purchase history;
• Login details of your account.

The abovementioned details are used for the following purposes:
• to offer you the possibility to order items through our website and to utilise all functions and services on our website;
• to process your order and to inform you about the development of your order;
• to communicate with you by sending you our digital newsletters, when registered;
• to process your personal details for any contests and other actions, so we can reach you when you won anything;
• to answer your questions and handle your complaints through social media, email, post or by telephone.
Akomo Kids collects and processes personal details that are acquired when the customer/visitor agrees with the terms and conditions.
Providing these personal details for the purpose of a transaction is obligatory and a necessary precondition to be able to make the purchase agreement. When this data are not provided Akomo Kids can not meet the requirements that are needed to complete the agreement or we can not help you to be able to fulfil your own obligations.

Storage time limit
Your data are kept up till seven years after your purchase for analytical purposes and commercial purposes.

Submission to third parties
Akomo Kids will in certain cases, if necessary for carrying out purposes listed in this privacy statement, pass on personal details to third parties.

Purchase agreement:
• Mail order firm, for delivering your order;
• Suppliers, also outside the EEC, for making and delivering your order in case of a direct delivery;
• Hosting party of the website including the developer and our online marketing bureau;
• Payment provider, for taking care of payments and reimbursements;
• Review partner, for inviting customers to leave their review of a purchased product.
Furthermore we will not provide your details to other parties if you did not give permission to do so, unless this is obligatory under law or permitted. Therefore, it is possible that the law enforcement requests data in the scope of a fraud investigation. In this case we would be obligated by law to hand over this data.

We can, in case you gave permission, send you our newsletter by email. With every communication by newsletter there is a possibility to unsubscribe from the mailing list whenever you are not interested anymore. You can also unsubscribe by sending us an email at

Accepting cookies
If you want to utilise all functions on our website it is necessary to accept cookies. Upon your first visit at the website you will see a screen that allows you to accept cookies. You can do this by closing the window and to continue browsing on our website.

Deleting cookies
Do you want to delete our cookies or do you want to avoid cookies on your computer at all? Then check here how you can turn off cookies in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

Securing personal details
Akomo Kids attaches great value to the protection of your personal details. Moreover we are obliged by law to make sure your personal details are adequately secured. For that reason we have taken the following technical and organisational measures to protect them:
• Personal details are saved on servers of Akomo Kids or are hosted under adequate protection by suppliers with which Akomo Kids has a processing agreement;
• Developing procedures for testing, assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of the security measures on fixed points in time;
• It is possible that the availability of and access to personal details can temporarily be recovered in case of a physical or technical incident.

Akomo Kids uses certified SSL connections (the Secure Socket Layer – Protocol) on the website through the ordering process and on the contact forms.

Alterations in this privacy statement
We can change the privacy statement from time to time. We therefore recommend to consult this privacy statement regularly, so you are well informed about any changes.

Access and changing your personal details
In case you have given any personal details you can change them at all times in your account. You can log in to your account on You can also contact us in case you want access to your personal details that Akomo Kids has registered and in case you want to either delete them or make adjustments when these details are incorrect or incomplete.

If you have any more questions about the privacy policy of Akomo Kids you can contact us by email at

Akomo Kids VOF
Marowijne 13 D
1689AR Zwaag
The Netherlands

If you are contacting us we will provide you with our response as soon as possible.

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