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Shape, function and quality
The brand started off with a small, but nice collection. That collection has grown ever since, and now you’ll find anything you need for your kid’s room. And more additions came, like the new B Bench and Table, and the H Dresser and Wardrobe. All their furniture pieces decorate beautifully, with well thought-out details. How about that mobile bed, or a cool bunk bed? You can recognize the background of the designers (they’re architects) everywhere you look, for example in the smart construction and the quality of their creative solutions.
Studying and playing
How do you know if your child is ready for a desk? The K Desk is one that looks picture perfect. With its funny ‘secret’ shelves where you can store little items and a handy flap that’s safe for little fingers. The B Table and Bench are a perfect match and make for a solid, functional and space-saving sit-and-play spot. We also imagine it could be a wonderful hut. Especially great are the H Wardrobe and Dresser. What a great shape and functionality. And the shelves on the sliding door make it look like a showcase. It makes the Rafa-kids collection surprisingly complete.
Start off with a bed
Beds are also part of the collection, and the first design by Rafa-kids was a bunk bed for their own kids. You see it in the F Bunk Bed, a wonderful high sleeper that can even be combined with other beds. For example with the R Toddler Bed. Very safe, because the construction prevents kids from falling out of bed, and playful with its smart wheels. A bed from Rafa-kids can even look like a car or a fortress. With all possible combinations your room grows along with your kids. Even in their bedroom there’s plenty of space for their hobbies.
Made of sterner stuff
The designs are durable, solid and a feast for the eye. Great materials and the finish and construction are all gems. You really have to try your best to see how it’s really built up. The safe, curved lines make it look elegant and modern. Nevertheless, it’s most of all been designed to be practical and functional. You can also see that in their (book) shelves collection. Notice the way it’s been shaped, which is based on thick and thin lines that you can see in some fonts. Typical typography by Rafa. It completes your kid’s room in a simple way. In this respect, the stylish X Stool is a highlight that you can use anywhere you like, as a nightstand for example.
International appearance
Furniture of Rafa-kids is made in Poland of the best materials and fulfills all EU safety regulations. One of their favourites is Finnish birchwood and plywood. Everything they design is based on three principles: playfulness, creativity and beauty. Agata takes care of the aesthetic side, and Arek looks after the technical, innovative side. Their furniture pieces seem to float around and look inviting to play with. A bunk bed made by Rafa-kids is not a bed, but rather a tree house! At the same time, their furniture is extremely strong and well finished. You’ll have years and years of pleasure with their furniture.

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