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Decoration for your nursery
At Akomo Kids we like our rooms to have some ‘extra’ styling. Just because there are so many cool, affordable decorative products out there. With a good choice of those you bring some extra ambiance, extra fun and extra comfort. Take a look and be amazed by all the stuff we have in store to decorate the nursery. From funny or artistic mobiles above the cradle to all kinds of garlands and posters on the walls.
Lighten up and explore
Also nice to decorate baby rooms are for instance dream catchers, banners, floor cushions: you instantly add fun, ambiance and playfulness. Don’t forget lamps and spots on ceilings and walls to lighten up baby’s world and to add some atmosphere. And check our beautiful baskets and chests that double as eye-catchers and extra storage objects. Even tydying up the room becomes fun instead of a chore!

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