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Bedding for your baby

With only a cradle or cot for your baby you’re only halfway. Quality mattresses and bedding are essential for a good night’s sleep. Consider the time that your little one spends in bed, especially at the beginning. How you ‘dress up’ the sleeping place has a big influence on the atmosphere of the nursery. Consider cheerful accents in bold colours, or go for tranquility with lots of calming white. We are proud of our collection with something for everybody, with a focus on original, surprising and sustainable items.

Our comfort zones…

We can deliver all of our cradles, cots and beds with high quality mattresses. And we are proud of our wide range in duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases et cetera. Go for cool with Snurk! or look for romance with Cinderella. You can rest assured: your baby will be comfortable and safe under Akomo Kids bedding.

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