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Scandinavian Design with Storybook Details

The Danish toys brand Maileg merges modern Scandinavian design with storybook meticulous attention to details. The Maileg founder and illustrator Dorthee Mailil and her husband Erik founded Maileg in 1999 – combining their last name “Mailil” with the “leg”, which is the Danish word for play. Dorthes passion for design began at a young age, which can be seen in her design career. Since founding Maileg, she has won many awards and honors for her toys.

What is so special about Maileg?

Maileg soft toys collection consists of mice, rabbits and bunny characters. All characters live in a charming little Maileg world full of storytelling. All characters are created with a lot of little details to let kids imagination grow during play. The little mice, rabbits and bunnies are not made to be specific characters, but instead they can be anything kids can imagine. Let the little mice be a firefighter or a superhero for a day and put them in their bed matchbox during the night. You will see that your kid is going to turn them into a different character every day!

Mailegs modern furniture and playful accessories!

Dorthe has been known to wake up in the middle of the night with the newest idea for new Maileg creations. She is always walking around with her sketchbook in her hands and we are sure about the fact that the Maileg world is never going to stop growing. You can find all kind of retro designed furniture and playful accessories next to the Maileg characters, which will last generations and inspire even your grandchildren, that’s for sure!

Unisex Toys

While some people believe dolls and barbies are for girls and cars and superheros are made for boys, we believe in unisex play! Maileg is the best example and known for its unisex design, which makes boys and girls loving the soft toys and accessories.

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