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Way to Play: the way to fun on the road

The flexible racetrack of Waytoplay is a great extension to the car collection of your son – or daughter – that dream about … You don’t have to change anything about the car, but creates ground for them. Children can make endless circuits, a bizarre competition through the room or a complicated intersection. And you can do it indoors and outdoors because of the strong, rubber materials. There are junctions, slip roads, sharp and broad road bends, so the possibilities with Way to Play are huge.

Fantastic tracks

Children build their own world by cleverly combining for example the toy blocks, other toys or perhaps your shoes. It stimulates the fantasy and can be brought to the beach! Make your own racetrack in the dunes, with beautiful road bends through the sand and your child feels very happy! And you can easily take enough parts for a lap in their own backpack. Creative with sand, rubber and all that washes ashore.

A boys dream

The inventor of Way to Play comes from the Netherlands, designer Sybren Jelles. He decided to publish the toys with a German partner. The parts and packages are manufactured in Germany, a beautiful combination. Jelles made up the toys from his own childhood memories. As a young boy he loved to play with toy cars, especially outdoors. He made many fantasy racetracks and competitions in the forests, dunes and beach. When he became the father of a son, who also turned out to love cars, he created something he would have loved himself: a flexible, strong and water-resistant set of parts for building roads.

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