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Furniture for your nursery

We at Akomo Kids are always looking for quality; in finish, design and style. And regarding furniture for the baby room, safety, hygiene and comfort are also important factors to consider. This is why we like the work of furniture makers and designers with a difference. People with a passion for their trade. Stig Leander for instance, a stubborn Swede who created a cradle that is not only safe and beautiful, but also stimulates all baby’s senses.

Smart, simple and stylish

You are looking for a cradle or maybe you prefer a cot. Cool or classic, French elegance or Scandinavian stylish. We got it all at Akomo Kids! You might also need a dresser to be able to change your baby with everything at hand. Look at the free style of Sebra, the more traditional look of Laurette or marvel at the ingenuity of BudtzBendix. Baby rooms tend to be a bit cramped in the surface you have to work with. That’s why we specialize in smart dressers and shelves. Everything to build a room where you like to spend time with your baby.

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