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Dreaming in real life with Snurk!

How do you like to see your child? As an astronaut, princess, soccer player, firefighter or even a dinosaur? Snurk makes these duvet covers. A team of ten people now stands behind that name. They provide photographic and digital sorcery, after a considerable amount of hard labour and patience. For your child, a Snurk duver cover means wonderful snoring and great dreams.

On adventure when sleeping

The special thing about all the home textiles from Snurk is of course the word “lifelike”. The high quality of the prints and designs provides an extra dimension. The original, imaginative and artistic images provide duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases that guarantee good dreams. Children will soon snore when their bed is made like that. Sleeping and dreaming as a ballerina, a firefighter with a helmet, a real mermaid or a dinosaur?

Snore, sleep and dream

Making an image for Snurk is not something you do in one hour. The bedding is really good because they pulled out all the stops for the perfect picture. Real flowers were scattered and carefully highlighted. Or an authentic, historic space suit was brought to the studio. The suit was first carefully styled and then photographed. Only then it was enhanced or adjusted. The razor-sharp and lifelike images really make a difference. In the end, a real fish tail was used for that mermaid, and the soccer player had to jump a lot of times before the perfect picture was taken.

Creative and artistic

New designers are constantly approached to see if they can create something for Snurk. This keeps the creative team sharp and leads to constantly changes styles. The pleasure in their work is visible in the beautiful images they deliver. It’s not difficult to imagine your beautiful dreams under such bedding. In the end a cheerful, creative, and artistic bedding collection emerges. A Snurk will fit anyone!


In addition to the duvet covers and pillow cases, there is a line of clothing for “horizontal living”. Stylish, comfortable pyjamas for everyone with, of course, great prints, such as the giant knitting stitches. To do so, the “fabric” was really knitted on massive knitting needles, and only then processed into print. The same print can be found in Snurk’s line of decorative cushions. You can already imagine the beautiful pictures for the family album with this cosy print…

Also for tall people

The creative team of Snurk also provides designs that could fit perfectly in your own bedroom. A romantic flower meadow? Heart-shaped balloons, perhaps Darth Vader? Snurk fortunately has plenty of sizes, so that’s not an issue. For example 120 x 150 cm, 140 x 200 cm and 200 x 240/260 cm, but also several different international sizes. therefore, all of Europe can use the Snurk duvet cover sets. The quality of the material and fabrication is also excellent, and proudly wears the Oeko-Tex quality certificate. Snurk is a beautiful brand!

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