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Wallpaper for your baby room

It’s easy to forget how important some well chosen wallpaper may be for the ambiance of your nursery. You can make even a tiny room seem a lot bigger for instance. And by using smart patterns and designs, you can set the mood precisely as you want it to be. And you don’t need to paper all of the walls. You can combine some bold patterns and colours on some walls with some plain, painted other walls for a very nice effect.

Magical mystery tour

There’s too many styles, designs and colours in our collection to begin naming them. Just start a magical tour along our brands and you’ll be surprised to see all those creative and fantastic wallpapers with cars, flowers, cowboys, indians, magical figures, pets, stripes, balls et cetera et cetera. And don’t forget that only one roll of wallpaper may already be enough to transform your room!

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