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Retro-inspired Norwegian Design

Retro-inspired items with a contemporary character! This family business from Ekeberg near Oslo designs retro kids backpacks, lunch boxes, stainless steel drinking bottles and many other kids items. Blafres mission is to deliver high quality products, which are safe at the same time. Therefore all products are “EK” certified, which means that the plastic they use is carefully checked for nutritional use.

Lunch Boxes, Kids Backpacks and more …

The Blafre collection consists of kids backpacks, lunch boxes in cool designs and stainless steel drinking bottles. You can mix and match the collection and choose from several colours. Does not matter what you use the items for, they will always be an eye-catcher! Use the retro kids backpacks for the creche or the bigger size for school. Or pack your backpack for a sleepover at grandma and grandpas place or a day trip to the zoo. The lunch box and drinking bottle complete the whole look.

Durable and recyclable

All Blafre products are made of high quality materials. The drinking bottles for example are made of recycled steel and all plastic items as the closings of the drinking bottles and the lunch boxes are made of “EK” certified plastic.