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Sebra: traditional Danish design

The Danish brand Sebra makes unique furniture and accessories for the baby nursery and kids’ room. Their own classic baby cot and toddler bed Kili. A bed that freely grows along with your child. In Danish it’s called: Sengen, der vokser met barnet! The design, originally called the Juno bed, originates from 1942 and is designed by Viggo Einfeldt. If it will ever be drafted, this baby cot would deserve to be ranked amongst the ‘canon of the baby cot history’. A real evergreen that has proven it’s value in numerous Danish households. But also in countries away from Denmark, like our own. Just adjust it a bit, and the bed is suitable for a child up to 8 years old. It looks good, so it will not bother you at all. Beautiful lines, and you can see and feel that it’s artisanal. Wherever you look, the Scandinavian roots of inventor Viggo Einfeldt are always visible.

Style: simply beautiful

The baby cradles, beds and accessories are made by hand in Lithuania, where there’s a lot of knowledge in the field of furniture. Durable European birchwood is the most beloved. The finish is fantastic, with only child-friendly, water-based lacquer. You can see the attention that’s payed to details, and a well taken care of, traditional implementation. The general style is especially pretty due to it’s simplicity. That’s why everything stays beautiful a life long, and it’s decency is appreciated too. Because of it’s simple design it easily matches with other accessories of Sebra, as well as the works of other designers. Imagine the dresser of Laurette right next to it.

Meer is available

Of course there are more things apart from their decent and stylish beds. Sebra offers a complete furniture line, with for example children’s wardrobes, dressers, beautiful lamps, bed textile and unique stuffed animals. Also available are squared storage elemants that can be stacked, even onto your walls. Excellent boxes to store your books in the living room too, by the way. The essence of simplicity, but playful and practical at the same time. There are plenty of possibilities with regards to the furniture in terms of colours and designs, and the same goes for the accessories. There has been thought about it a lot. And of course you can count on Akomo Kids in terms of good service and quick delivery.

That’s how it came about

Sebra was set up by designer Mia Dela in 2004. In 2001 she graduated at the Kolding School of Design. When she was pregnant, in 2002, she started decorating a room for her coming son Gustav. And as it happens more often, she didn’t find what she was looking for. Such are the consequences, and we now have a beautiful, recognisable collection in baby and kids’ rooms furniture.

The company is devoted to corporate social responsibility and sustainable use of materials to cause as little waste and pollution. A modern company that prefers to work with traditional methods in textile and timberwork. Knitting and crocheting for example. We find the combination of modern design and innovative colours with traditional handicraft a great success!

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