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“Some things are just waiting to be discovered again” – Bermbach Handcrafted

The Bermbach Handcrafted founders Alexander Bermbach and his wife spent quite some time searching for a wickerwork cradle for their own kids. Something old that has been used for many previous generations, something aesthetically round, yet sturdy and light. They could not find any on the market, so they started to design their own woven rattan beds. By doing this they fulfilled their wish and the desire of many other parents for handmade baby nursery furniture, instead of industrial mass production.

Classical wicker furniture

All Bermbach products are handmade and of high quality. The natural look fits into all kind of interior styles and seems familiar to people.

The collection consists of four different models starting with the Co-Slepper Martha, going through the Cribs Lola and Emil and ending with the Baby Crib Frederick. So the collection is growing from Newborn to Baby/Junior and offers the highest quality and durability, providing comfort and pleasure. Accessories as a canopy and the baby nests complete the collection.

Sustainability & Fair Trade Production

The Bermbach family is known for a careful selection of materials and workmanship to provide high-quality. All products are produced by using 100% pollutant-free components without using plastics.

The main materials used are rattan, leather, coconut fibers and sheep wool. All products are made by experienced Japanese-Indonesian producer, who have revived and perfected traditional rattan weaving in modern factories in Indonesia.

The main material of all Bermbach products is rattan, a sustainable alternative to wood to avoid cutting down valuable trees from the rain forests. Rattan only thrives in intact rain forests that are home to enough trees to support this climbing plant. This preserves the ecosystem and the fauna and protects native rain forests, especially in East Asia.

To connect the rattan parts, tanned cow leather with oak extract is used (a natural process without using any dye). Furthermore the custom mattresses of all products are made in Germany from certified organic coconut fibers and sheep wool, ensured by a KBA certification.

Green Product & A’Design Award

Bermbachs product Lola won the Green Product Award 2018 and has been awarded the Silver A’ Design Award in Baby, Kids’ and Children’s Products Design Category by the International Design Academy. The A’Design Award is the world’s most influential and largest design award on international level.

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