About us

We are glad that you have discovered our webshop. As parents we only want the best for our little ones, but with the sheer endless choice, you never really know where to start looking for the coolest toy or the most suitable piece of furniture. We at Akomo have made it our mission to make the search easier for other parents and to pass on our professional Know-How. Our products are all examined individually by us personally and selected according to the motto “Only what is good enough for our own homes will be included in our assortment”. 


It is of great importance to us to teach our children the right values about sustainability and environmental friendliness from an early age. We are committed to ensuring that our children grow up thinking of our world as a precious gift, so that their children and grandchildren can also admire the beautiful nature one day. Therefore, we make sure that our products come from economically sustainable production and are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

Quality before quantity

In our online store you will see many products that are mainly made of wood. It is very important to provide our children with toys and furniture of the highest quality, which will last for generations and bring a lot of joy. Water based paints and child friendly components are as valuable to us as sustainable and individual manufacturing.

Dutch Design

Of course, we are also aware that these values alone are not enough, because in the end we believe that design also plays a big role. Nowadays parents are looking for designer pieces for their offspring because everything should also look stylish in the living room and match the furnishings. That is why we focus our products almost exclusively on high-quality designer pieces that stand out with their practical use and with interesting & cool design.  

Always there for you

Our online store is more than just a job – it is a way for us to make a lot of parents and kids happy every day. To guarantee maximum quality and satisfaction, we maintain close customer and manufacturer contact. We appreciate every feedback and work around the clock to improve and put a smile on the face of our children, our customers and our suppliers. If you have any questions or individual requests, we are always available by phone and e-Mail.

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