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Olli Ella: a lot going on with baskets

The products made by Olli Ella are totally of this day and age, but also look timeless and even traditional. The brand is famous for its modern look on items of past times: the woven baskets. Olli Ella brought a fantastic collection for your baby nursery or children’s room with this classic basket as reference point. Rattan is their favourite, but also materials like seaweed and rattan core are used. Everything can be delivered in matching colours, and it is remarkable what can actually be made with these materials. Take a look at the product page and you will be impressed. Looking for easy ways to store or transport things? The famous Luggy Baskets are there for small and big and for small and long trips, but also handy for your daily groceries.

Store, transport and preserve

Of course there’s quite an arsenal in storage places for toys, clothes etcetera, and for example there are bicycle baskets in all sizes. The natural materials and artisanal production make the products of Olli Ella look special and unique. They will look good in every interior design. A popular one is the so-called ‘changing basket’, a kind of changing table in the shape of a woven basket. Very solid and well made with lining. And when your baby becomes too big for it, you can use the basket for storing many different things, like stuffed animals, cubes and clothes. Apart from the baskets there’s also a toys collection, with for example the endearing Holdie dolls and accessories.

Creative advantages

There are also many things for the young handyman or sketch artist. The Play ’n Pack is an actual backzak that can be brought anywhere, and offers smart toys for lots of creative pleasure. The Playpa is also an innovative toy, with an 8 metre long canvas to paint on, sticker ot play creatively. The philosophy of the two sisters that started Olli Ella is quite simple. They had a happy, but very nomadic childhood with a lot of moving and long journeys. The things they come up with, design and shape are all inspired by their upbringing. It delivers a remarkable design!

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