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The development in floor coverings

Already for twenty years, Lorena Canals pursues the development of practical and stylish floor coverings. A revolutionary step was the discovery of a collection of smart, washable rugs for the children’s room and nursery, as well as other places where they are needed. For many children worlwide matters: making a mess should be a-okay! Do they spill a bottle of apple juice? Don’t worry, because you can wash the rug in the washing machine. The washable collections were a big success from the outset and a solution for the floor. The only limitation was the use of material – they were all made of cotton.

A new revolution: washable wool!

For people’s much beloved woollen rugs it was still important to watch out where you go with that drink! But Lorena Canals kept on testing, searching and trying untill she developed her brand Woolable: a new brand and a new line of washable woollen rugs! You can rightfully call it a revolution, both for the children’s room and the living room. Right now, Lorena Canals has two of her own factories in India and offices in Barcelona and New York, together with a large collection of much appreciated, unique products. Not only do the products of Lorena Canals stand out in terms of style and design, but also in technique.The unique washable Woolable rugs are a combination of craftsmanship and innovative use of materials. So it’s the best of both worlds on your floor.

Four new, washable collections

Every carpet or rug from the four new collections is handcrafted, meaning there are minor variations in each product. Every rug has been processed by at least ten artisans! Since it’s foundation, Lorena Canas pays extra attention to proper labour conditions, socially responsible entrepreneurship and sustainability. The only thing that became more difficult is making decisions! The washable Woolable collections are out there with four new collections: Bohemian Classic, Fields, Hopi and Free Your Soul. The advantage of wool is that it is truly a natural product with a feeling, colour and look that can not be imitated. Lorena Canals keeps on pushing the limits with her new brand Woolable.