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Play&Go: playing and cleaning up

We think the Play&Go gives the feeling of a simple solution. It’s actually a 3-in-1 product: a very spacious storage bag, a wonderful play mat and you can transport your toys with it. Ideal for Akomo Kids who go to the beach, stay over at a friend or who quickly want to tidy up their rooms. Because even cleaning up becomes a joyful game. Mobile, cool and neat: what more do you want…

A nice bonus

Does your child like lego? With Play & Go you can tidy up or take along the entire collection. Never tripping over cubes anymore! And by placing down the storage bag like a play mat you always have a nice place to play. An important advantage is that you don’t loose your toys that easily anymore, because tidying becomes a fun, quick game. Put everything in the middle of the play mat, and turn it back into a storage bag. Quickly tidying up your house? With an – extra – Play & Go in your home, you’re always prepared for unexpected visits!

Trendy or classic

The Play & Go is not just practical or decent looking, but it also looks good. There are just a few series with many designs and colours. There’s always something nice for you and your child. The Play & Go has a diameter of 140 cm and has a proper size for both a storage bag and play mat. The bag is made of durable polycotton and good for years of playing fun. And everything fits: cubes, lego, stuffed animals, dolls, sports clothing, beach items, and so on. Since recently, there is a mini version of 40 cm diameter available, that can be used as a trendy beach or sleepover bag for your child.

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