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Danish Design

The Danish design brand Filibabba is located in Aarhus, from where it’s serving markets as Scandinavia, Europe and the rest of the World. The owners Christian Bendtsen and Lasse Rolighed Olesen launched their first collection in 2015, a collection with timeless baby and children’s interior products. One of their first products was their babynest, inspired by a Swedish invention. Filibabba redesigned the babynest by using high-quality GOTS certified materials and added some leather accessories to it, to give it a special look.

“Nordic Niceness”

Filibabba’s design philosophy is timeless and unique! Nordic pastel colours, basic patterns and sustainability inspire both, children and adults. The collection includes all kind of baby nursery products as babynests and bed bumpers, but covers the baby and kids interior part as well. Have you seen the rechargeable LED wahle for example? Beautiful, timeless and practical at the same time.

The famous Air Balloon Design!

The Air Balloon design is one of the best known and best selling Filibabba designs. You can find it back in the whole collection, starting with babynests moving on to changing mats, bed bumpers and decoration. The Air Balloon design came first in the colour nature white, but due to its success Filibabba extended the collection to more Air Balloon pastel colours.

Responsibility and Sustainability

Filibabba’s ambition and vision is to ensure that children grow up in a safe and preserved environment. Therefore responsibility and sustainability are one of Filibabba’s fundamental values to respect human beings and protect our environment.

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