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The American Dream

Almost 20 years ago, in 2002 to be exact, the Oeuf brand was founded in Brooklyn. Even back then, the two founders Sophie and Michael had the priority to offer their children high quality products and at the same time preach them important values. In their search for a baby cot that met these requirements they had to realize that something like this did not exist yet. So they took the matter into their own hands and that is how Oeuf came into being.


What at first looks like a tongue twister has a very simple meaning – egg. Right Oeuf (pronounced “Uh-f”) is the French word for egg. But what do eggs have to do with a lifestyle brand for children? Just like eggs, Oeuf products are not made just like that. Because good ideas need time to develop and evolve. Every now and then an egg breaks when it falls, but that is normal. Even in business life it can be like a henhouse, and if an egg breaks, you learn from your mistakes and cover the floor with straw next time.

Only the best for the children

Oeuf is a unique lifestyle brand for our children, which stands not only for beautiful designer pieces for the children’s room, but also for environmentally conscious production and a mature recycling strategy. Like all parents, we only want the best for our children, but it is just as important that we convey the right values from the very beginning so that they will do the same with theirs at some point. Together we can fight against climate change and promote environmentally conscious production. Oeuf stands for more quality of life through a sustainable production process.

Everything you need is there

Oeuf became famous for its state-of-the-art baby cots, but its product range now goes much further. So you can furnish everything for your baby’s room up to a nursery. There are uncountable bed and drawer-variants up to toy cabinets. Look in our shop now and convince for yourself.

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