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Dekornik: Designer wallpapers for boys and girls

The main product of the Polish company “Dekornik” are wallpapers for your baby and children’s room. Of course no boring standard stripes, dots or flowers. With this wallpaper you give any room a wow-effect. Pictures say more than 1000 words and that’s exactly how we think about decorative wallpaper. No matter if African savannah or an exciting space adventure, the wallpaper alone has the potential for hundreds of bedtime stories. There is also an old-fashioned fair, happy rabbits or an fascinating insight to the underwater world. Colourful, innovative and above all different, Dekornik keeps what it promises.

Professionals at work

The founder Kasia Bachor is a graphic designer and has many years of experience with her work. At some point she decided to do what she enjoys doing. This decision then led to the founding of Dekornik. In the meantime, Dekornik is a well-known name in Poland and everyday more people from different countries fall in love with the creative products.

Happy children

Since 2014, the company has focused on working with wallpaper design especially for the children’s room. Dekornik employs four designers who have developed a great talent for perceiving the world of children. Graphic top class with beautiful details, harmonious colours and eye-catching designs. The many collections are based on the animal kingdom, nature or futuristic designs and will transform your children’s room into a different place.

Let yourself be enchanted

A common feature of all collections is the sense of magic. The walls of your baby’s or child’s room will transform into a fairytale environment in no time. In addition to wallpaper, Dekornik also makes beautiful wall stickers. These can be used to add beautiful accents and details to the walls in various ways. The desired effect is also successful on slightly rougher surfaces. We also offer wall boards made of plywood with beautifully cut-out shapes that perfectly match the wallpaper and sticker collection.

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