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Tellkiddo: A message to Mother Earth

Many people nowadays pay attention to their green footprint and rightly so, because we only have one earth and should treat it accordingly. Only then it is possible for us to preserve a beautiful place to live for our children and all future generations. It is also our deed as parents to teach our children all the important values for life. Sustainability is one of these values.

Designer containers for your kid´s room and nursery

The Swedish company Tellkiddo combines sustainability and creativity by bringing out seemingly simple accessories as designer furniture. You have the choice of two designer bags for all your favourite toys. On the one hand there is a cool toy bag made of white and brown recycled paper and on the other hand one made of OEKO-TEX fabric. Both products are very environmentally friendly and above all very stable and beautiful to look at. For both there are different design ideas that fit perfectly into every child’s and baby’s room.

Tellkiddo provides for a special vibe

Are you still looking for some wall decoration to make the room look more friendly and fun? Tellkiddo offers various creative poster ideas that will make every child’s eyes sparkle. Our tip: Definitely take a look at the cool ABC-Poster and the friendly bear poster.

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