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Ooh Noo: for sure you do!

A funny playful name from this brand from Slovenia. You shouldn’t take this too seriously, because it’s something you and your child want. What is most striking is the almost plain appearance of Ooh Noo. A lot of black and white, tranquil colours, simple colour compositions and well thought out shapes. That doesn’t mean it’s boring! Ooh Noo makes well recognisable wooden toys, challenging stuffed animals, minimalistic bedding and smart clean-up toys for the baby nursery and kids room. As so often, the origin of the company lies with the designer. When she had her own child she immediately made her own line of products.

Well thought out details

When you look at the products of Ooh Noo a bit closer you see the well thought out details. For example, there’s a ‘crescent’ table with a single right side. That way it fits perfectly against a wall and connect with the ‘double zero’ chairs. Everything is made as much as possible by hand from European materials. Craftsmanship is an important starting pount, especially with this trendy brand. To monitor the chosen course there’s a decent testing method for new stuff. They first have to be approved in practice by the own families of the designers. If they don’t like it, it goes back to the drawing table.

Going nice!

You have these toys that look ugly wherever you put them. That doesn’t go for the toys and accessories of Ooh Noo. Because of the elegant, simple shapes and durable materials you can put them everywhere. You and your child will enjoy it a lot and maybe even the next generation! There are wonderful, simple wooden toy cars and cubes, and there is even a wheelbarrow. The stuffed animals are special and stylish. There are soft rocking horses and there’s even a spacious play tent. The bedding and furniture pieces complete the multifaceted collection. The unity, natural materials, sustainability and quality of the designers make us say: Ooh Noo? Sure do!

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