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A playful kids room? Nobodinoz has everything for you!

The Spanish-French firm is located in designer city Barcelona, and you immediately see it. Baby cots, dressers, toddler beds, closets, toys, textiles: everything is stylish and well thought out. They are there in many colours and designs. Of course with a matching or contrasting rug inside. Playing inside was never that much fun!

Inspiration and vision

The goal of the people behind Nobodinoz is simple and nice. Making products for a more beautiful world. Their slogan isn’t for nothing: ‘Change the world, start with children’. Linked to the Spanish temper and French elegance results in a strong, quirky collection with a Mediterranean touch. That’s how timeless modern designs with class look like!

Sophisticated design

Nobodinoz has a broad collection with furniture and textile, and amongst others also a broad variety of toys, bags and special baby items. Regarding furniture for the baby nursery and kids rooms: everything is there, from baby cot to closet and from storage bag to beech tent. Remarkable is the well thought out construction and implementation. A lot of combinations in white and coloured beech wood. Solid, decent and yet light and gallant. Of course many furniture pieces can be adjusted to the growth of your child. For example your baby cot can be transformed into a toddler bed.

Nobodinoz knows what it does

Nobodinoz means ‘nobody knows’, but look at their stuff and you see that it’s a joke. These people know precisely what it’s all about: a kids room or baby nursery that brings tranquility and happiness. You see the playful elegant shapes and gallant colourations in the baby cots, toddler beds, kids desks, junior beds, and so on. At the same time you notice the quality of the products and you’ll find funny and practical items like beech tents and teepees. Creativity and feeling with the market go well together. As long as you keep that in mind!

Well thought out and durable

Nobodinoz has a well thought out collection in which quality and unity play an important role. All materials are excellent. From beautiful beech wood to durable textile. The textile has an Oeko-Text certificate, and is produced by Nobodinoz itself in Barcelona. The 5 main colours and 35 prints are sought out with care and makes mixing them a party! Nobodinoz wants to keep control of everything that comes in, and works with a select group of suppliers. So no low-wage country practices. The short lines within the company results in short delivery times.

It fits everywhere

Because of its quality, decency and nice designs the furniture and textile of Nobodinoz goes along for ages. And are your kids ‘too big’ at some point? Then there are enough beautiful benches, closets and rugs that fit with your hallway or living room.

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