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Nanchen: Love at first sight

Nanchen is a German brand that deals with high-quality toys for your baby. Since 1983 the baby dolls are being handmade. The choice of materials is one of the most important factors in the making of the toys. Natural and environmentally friendly materials make the Nanchen dolls a high-quality toy. Your baby is guaranteed to love them.

Handmade masterpiece

Not only the dolls are handmade, also their painting is done by hand. The individual painting gives all toys a unique character. With almost 40 years of experience, the Nanchen staff have made it their business to fill the life of every baby with joy from the very beginning.

A friend for life

All Nanchen products are made so that every baby can play with them from day one. Due to their star-shaped design they can easily be gripped from any side. Moreover, the materials are not only environmentally friendly, but also safe. If your baby starts teething, you don’t need to worry about the Nanchen dolls. With the soft materials they are no problem for your baby.

There is something for everyone

All left to do for you is to decide. The toys come in different designs. You can choose between elephants, crocodiles, cute rabbits or rather the classic teddy bear. With the baby dolls you can also choose your favourite colour. A secret tip from us: The Nanchen Dolls are the perfect birth gift. We are looking forward to all the joy and happiness that we will put on your baby´s face.

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