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Jupiduu: speeltuin in huis

Would you like to have a playground at home for your toddler or preschooler? Don’t look any further, check out Jupiduu! This German company delivers three fantastic playground objects that stand out in shape and playtime fun. If you look closely at the lining of the rocking horse, you may see something familiar. That’s because it’s created by the design studio of Porsche. Wonderful lining, decent construction: you can hardly still call it a rocking horse. Let’s call it a seesaw with a futuristic look. The most important thing its of course the way it plays and moves, and that literally fits. The seesaw is stable, not tiltable and your child makes a safe ride. Even when it goed a bit wilder and harder. As a bonus, we find it a nice addition to your lving room!

Playful and smart

All products are of a proper German production and made through complex processes in the area of Frankfurt by the family run business Jupiduu. And they do a very good job, because even the slide is a treat for the eye. A place in the living room is therefore not a punishment. By the way, with regards to the very little ones, you should pay close attention to them when playing. The slide contributes to their motoric development in a playful and good way, which contributes to their confidence. And a real slide at home or in the back yard is of course a lot of fun to play with and on. Climbing, sitting and off you go.

Rock me baby

The third playground object is the rocker, a kind of hybrid between a swing, rocking horse and a teeter board. It’s really an unusual thing. You can rock it, climb on it, relax on it, sit and everything else your kid thinks of. Again a great design, created by Bacon Design in Frankfurt, with curved wooden constructions that give extra virtue and beautiful lines. A handy detail for the playground at home: the rocker is made in such a way that fits right underneath the slide of Jupiduu! We think many kids will turn ‘Jupiduu’ into ‘Yippee’!

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