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Hagelens: magical touch

Hagelens is a Danish brand that makes special wooden decorations with a Scandinavian look. With their wooden object you can give your baby nursery or kids room a magical ambiance. The creator of the decorations, Camilla Hagelens, says she wants to create a fairytale universe for children. And she does that very nicely, with a stylish range of wooden eye-catchers that are indeed magical and dreamy. Toys and/or accessories that make your interior design look stylish and playful, that’s what Hagelens takes care of.

A lot to come up with

We think the best ones are the playhouses. They are a sort of dollhouses, but then with a broader fantasy. It speaks more to the imagination that a barbie house. Nicely decorated with a beautiful oak veneer, shaped like a swan, tea pot or rocket. They are both playhouses and storage units for your favourite toys. The possibilities to create your own world with dolls and other toys is endless. The toys are really unisex, meaning it’s both loved by boys and girls. A Hagelens house can also be a fire department, or a theater, or a hospital, or…

Scandinavian simplicity

The attachment hooks show you how to make something practical whilst keeping a broad imagination. A range of hooks turns into a story of its own. That also goes for the beautiful astronomical signs. Very simple and original and the signs take you through the smart architectural design and to the stars. The growth calculator shaped like a feather is a beauty on its own. Hagelens is all about simplicity, smart toys and accessories that stimulate your child’s imagination. The Scandinavian background shows you the craftmanship, eye for detail and the artisanal finish.

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