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Green Toys: playful with rubbish

You wouldn’t expect it with a company name like that, but Green Toys is made of plastic. But it is a special kind of plastic. The raw material for the toys comes from discarded, but recycled milk packs and other plastic packs from the United States. In 2019 the counter was already at 80 million processed packs! And a lot of beautiful thing come from that, because Green Toys is not just eco friendly, but also friendly for the eye. Of course they are also child friendly. That’s what the high US demands guarantee.

Surprisingly many shapes

It’s a very broad collection of toys. One of the perks of recycled plastic is that you can shape it in astonishing ways. Cool cars, bulldozers, watering cans, beach sets, pool toys, big ferries where little cars fit in, and so on. Everything is solid, well finished and can withstand some bumps. For example, most products can handle water and sand.

Green foundation

The collection isn’t just big, but also appeals to a broad age group. There are simple cubes, rattles and other toys for babies and toddler, but also more complicated things that can be partly assembled. Your preschooler likes to play with that kind of toys. But also with those kitchen items, or perhaps those cube towers … Everything is made in an eco friendly and responsible way. And of course following US child safety standards. This way there is modeling clay on a flower basis, crayons on a basis of soy and beeswax. Also the packages are made of 100% recycled cardboard. Green Toys stands for a green and bright future for you and your child.

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