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Charlie Crane

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Charlie Crane: Parisian chic & Scandinavian minimalism in one

We can’t ignore it, the French have a style that makes everyone else jealous. Not for nothing ‘je ne sais quoi’ is the highest possible achievement in fashion land. What if you mix this class with that other succesful style: Scandinavian minimalism? You will end up with children’s furniture by Charlie Crane. Classic, cool and nonchalant at the same time. In one word: wow.

Design comes naturally

In our modern interior the boundaries between our rooms are fading. That’s why Charlie Crane designs children’s furniture that can be moved back and forth between the baby nursery and living room. Their ambition is to create modern design furniture that brings a bit of adulthood into the child’s world. Forget the screaming colours and raise your child in style!

Charlie Crane children’s furniture

The brand Charlie Crane is situated in Paris and works closely with a new generation of French designers. They appreciate the tradition of technical excellence – especially that of the French pioneers from the 1950’s like Prouvé, Perriand and Hitier – and mix they with foreign influences as the Scandinavian design. The result is an ‘effortless chique’ collection of furniture for babies and children.

Effortless chique and practical top design

How great would it be if your carefully composed interior isn’t messed up by the arrival of children’s furniture? That you don’t have to hide the baby bouncer in the closet, but proudly leave it in the living room? The style of Charlie Crane is 1950’s classic, minimalistic and industrial cool, with a lot of natural, wooden and curvy shapes.

The eye also wants something, but eventually it’s about children’s furniture. Thus, the practical aspects are also important. The top designs of Charlie Crane illustrate that. For example, the foldable (!) dressers are a treat for the eye, but occupy very little space. And the high chairs can be used between 6 months and 8 years of age.

Good for your interior, good for your child

Typical for a young and stylish brand, the materials that have been used fulfil the highest standards in terms of sustainability and safety. Think about water-based paint and lacquer, certified poplar and beech wood from their own France, and 100% durable cotton. The curvy shapes of the furniture pieces are very stylish, but also extra child friendly. Whatever is good for your interior, is also good for your child.

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