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Old-School Cool

Young children have always been fascinated by miniature figures of their surroundings and through playing with them they develop an understanding of their social environment in a natural way. The toy car is one of the toys that give the best basic understanding of a society. After all, in traffic, you don’t just have to look after yourself, but also look out for others. A certain order is required to avoid chaos. Your child learns all this and much more automatically while playing and this is important for a healthy development.

Once around the world

Candylab specializes in making toy cars from natural materials. Especially for environmentally conscious people, Candylab is a great alternative to the mass market of plastic toys. When you buy Candylab toys, you are not only doing something good for the world, but you are also teaching your child an environmentally conscious thinking from an early age.

Quality not quantity

There are several designs to choose from, but the quality of the cars is equally superb. In addition to the environmentally friendly production, the workmanship and durability of the cars are of great importance. Parents around the world trust Candylab and love the toys almost as much as their children themselves. Take your children on a manhunt in a police car or in a cool SWAT van. Or invent an interesting story in a taxi, the possibilities are endless.

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