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BudtzBendix: A gem from Denmark

Looking at the design of the high chair and dresser of BudtzBendix it’s clear that there’s a duo of architects behind. It’s most obvious feature is literally it’s height: they are baronial towers. The Tower Chair can almost be associated with the chairs that referees have. Your kid has a great view and sits mobile, yet safely on quite a height. For you too! The Changing Tower has the same handy working height and can be transformed into a play tent. This can be done with the help of a cover, which can be ordered separately. It is just an example, because there are more kids’ furniture pieces that stimulate their imagination.

In perspective

The architectural background is especially emphasized when looking at the construction. Where their colleagues of Rafa Kids choose for an almost invisible construction, BudtzBendix shows all they’ve got. An honest, what you see is what you get design that’s there to be seen. Another perk of their furniture pieces is that they can be folded ip to safe some space. With special ophangbeugels they can be hung onto the wall. Just like these, there are many more handy accessories for dressing up the Tower Chair and Changing Tower.

Changing diapers with pleasure

In the first instance, the Changing Tower doesn’t look like a dresser, but in fact it is. When having a closer look you see that it’s actually a very handy and practical dresser. It’s intended for babies and toddlers up to about 11 kg. The dresser has a light construction, with a tubular frame and leather straps as a starting point. Two removable wooden boxes are part of the construction and can be used to store everything you like. Also the layout is flexible and the dresser of course has a practical working height. That means using it is comfortable, with your child being in safe hands. A very lovely accessory is the tent cover. The light construction allows you to turn your tower into an an exciting play tent.

A wide view

The Tower Chair seems impressive, but is designed to give your baby or toddler a view to enjoy. With the help of a separately adjustable table part, your child will sit comfortably and firm, but mobile. By its smart option to change the seat height your child can enjoy it for several years. Despite its height, it’s a light chair, and what’s really convenient is that is can be folded till it’s almost flat. Thus, easy to transport, and there’s even an attribute for hanging the chair once folded. Especially handy when you’re house is not too big, or when you’re often away with your child.

Honest and natural

The open construction, honest materials and the smart design make this Danish duo fantastic. Steal tubes, leather straps, cotton and plywood deliver something original and comfortable. The nifty accessories collection with pillows, table pieces, cushions and of course the tent cover make this flexible duo more versatile. The beauty of such a playful design is that your kids immediately start to imagine stories around it. Maybe it’s handier to change the name of your BudtzBendix into something else. Because that’s it’s only downside, it’s kind of a shibboleth.

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